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Native - Midwest

Asclepias sullivantii

Sullivant's Milkweed

Plant Type: Native - Midwest

Similar to Common Milkweed but is less aggressive, has slightly smaller flowers, and an overall smooth appearance on the stem, leaves and seed pods. Visited by hummingbirds and a wide variety of bees and butterflies (including, of course, Monarchs), Prairie Milkweed is one of the plants favored by the larvae of the Milkweed Leaf-Miner fly, which bore holes in the leaves.

Bears a very fragrant pink flower, Prairie Milkweed makes a nice addition to any sunny medium to medium-moist garden. After just a few years the taproot will extend very deep, protecting the plant in times of drought, but also making it difficult to move so choose your spot wisely.





Growth Habit

FILLER (mounded)

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