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Baptisia 'Gape Taffy'

False Indigo

Plant Type: Perennial

‘Grape Taffy’ a new Baptisia developed by Hans Hansen at Walters Gardens, Inc., is one of the most compact Baptisia to date. Coming in at under 2½ feet tall, this naturally compact plant stays small. Spikes of deep reddish-purple flowers appear in early summer, reminiscent of grapes. Each flower is accented by a buff yellow keel. The reddish-purple flowers are a color break for Baptisia, a departure from the typical deep blue flowers of the genus. The green foliage looks attractive even when the flowers are not in bloom. This extremely long-lived perennial could be used instead of a shrub in landscape settings, with minimal care required to thrive year after year.





USDA Hardiness Zone: Zone 4 (-30/-20F)

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