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Buddleia 'Orchid Annie'

Butterfly Bush

Plant Type: Perennial

Totally unlike the tall and leggy Buddleia of the past, ‘Orchid Annie’ maintains a compact, refined habit. 8” orchid purple flower panicles appear above a perfect rounded shrub a few weeks sooner than you would expect for a Butterfly Bush. Although the best blooming power is in its initial bloom, this beauty will bloom on shorter secondary panicles well into early fall.

The word “humdinger” is defined as “something that is very impressive or exciting.” That word definitely applies to this new collection of Buddleia! This collection features five new varieties of Butterfly Bush, each blooming a few weeks earlier than the members of the MONARCH® Collection. In addition to blooming starting in midsummer, each of these varieties has a compact habit and shorter stature.





Growth Habit

THRILLER (upright)

USDA Hardiness Zone: Zone 5 (-20/-10F)

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