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Plant Information Resource Center

A Service Provided by Bohn's Farm and Greenhouses

Bohn's Farm and Greenhouses, a WHOLESALE-TO-THE-TRADE ONLY grower of herbaceous plants, offers this Plant Information Resource Center for the benefit of the green industry professional and the home gardener/landscape enthusiast.  This section of our website can also be accessed via www.PerennialPicks.com.

The Plant Information Resource Center is supported by an extensive plant database that we initially developed in 1997.  Since its inception, the Bohn's Farm plant database has continuously been updated with the most relevant and timely plant information. The database has offered the foundation of information for publishing 4 editions of the Bohn's Farm Plant Reference Guide in the years 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2006. The information presented on our extensive and ever-expanding custom plant tags is also supported by this central database.

The Bohn's Farm plant database is quite dynamic.  We encourage your comments for improving plant information content, accuracy and display format.  This website updated frequently with new plant information.