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Photo courtesy of Walter's Gardens, Inc.

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Baptisia 'Indigo Spires'

False Indigo

Plant Type: Perennial

This Baptisia greatly did well in trials with its perfect habit and heavy flower production. Unlike some Baptisia which can be tall and leggy, ‘Indigo Spires’ forms a densely branched, fully rounded clump of glaucous green foliage that extends far down the stems, leaving little bare stem showing at the base.

In early summer, 12-15" long spikes of deep violet purple flowers accented by a yellow keel are borne on all sides of the rounded clump, not just at the top, producing a bigger show of color overall. Secondary flower spikes extend the flowering time into midsummer.

This perennial could easily be used in place of a shrub in the landscape where it will be extremely long lived and require little care to thrive year after year.

Baptisia is easy to grow and will thrive with little maintenance. There are many potential applications in the landscape including meadow plantings, as a backdrop in borders, or as a specimen. Plants are very long-lived once established.