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Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Boston Ivy

Plant Type: Perennial
FULL sun to FULL shade

Vigorous climbing ability and spectacular fall color make this vine an effective cover for fences, walls, or even the ground. Large, three-lobed leaves have a waxy appearance. The flowers are insignificant. In autumn, the foliage is set ablaze in shades of red and orange. Boston Ivy is easy to grow, even by beginner's standards. Tolerating nearly any soil and light conditions, this vine will quickly grow to cover everything in its path. It is a clinging vine, so it will automatically attach itself to any wall or fence that it is planted against. Regular pruning will help to keep this plant in bounds.Boston Ivy is able to tolerate pollution from urban settings.



USDA Hardiness Zone: Zone 3 (-40/-30F)

Boston Ivy Characteristics & Attributes

Season of Interest
Mid Season (May - June)
Late Season (July - frost)
Soil Moisture Needs

Low to moderate soil moisture.