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Allium giganteum 'Globemaster'

Ornamental Onion

Plant Type: Perennial

'Globemaster' is a hybrid cross between A. christophii and A. macleanii. It is a bulbous perennial that is ornamentally grown for its spring bloom of spherical, deep lavender flower heads. Strap-shaped, gray-green, basal leaves form a clump of foliage in spring. As the leaves begin to wither in mid-spring, stout flowering stems rise to 20-30" tall topped with huge, globular, deep lavender to silver-purple flower heads (terminal umbels to 6-10" in diameter) packed with individual star-shaped florets which collectively display a metallic sheen. Flowers appear in an impressive, long-lasting, spring bloom (May in St. Louis) in which new florets continue to develop as the original ones fade. Flower heads dry after bloom and remain ornamental in the garden well into summer. Flowers generally lack fragrance.





Growth Habit

FILLER (mounded)

USDA Hardiness Zone: Zone 5 (-20/-10F)