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Dryopteris intermedia

Fancy Wood Fern

Plant Type: Fern
Exposure: Morning Sun / Afternoon Shade  Shade Tolerant  

Dryopteris intermedia is a wonderful North American native evergreen fern that can be found in mountainous regions from Canada south to Alabama. The 2' long fronds make an 18" tall x 3' wide clump that grows best in moist woodland locations, where it has a slight preference for alkaline soils. Research has shown Dryopteris intermedia to be overly promiscuous, having fathered offspring with at least eight other wood ferns...creating quite a taxonomic and legal tangle as you can imagine.





Landscape Application:

Wonderful foliage accent for shade beds, borders as a groundcover or in landscape containers.

USDA Hardiness Zone: Zone 3 (-40/-30F)

Fancy Wood Fern Merit Awards and Special Collections

Fancy Wood Fern Characteristics & Attributes

Season of Interest
Early Season (March - April)
Mid Season (May - June)
Late Season (July - frost)
Soil Moisture Needs

Moderate to high soil moisture.

Critter Resistance
Deer Resistant
Rabbit Resistant
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